Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management

Re-defining ECM

01 Systems’ Digital Archiving solution offers a capture process to automate the digitization and storing of financial, legal, and business documents such as letters, contracts, agreements, statements, and reports (COLD).

01 Systems’ Solution is built from the ground up focusing on the user experience by providing a simplified and effortless processes for capturing the content and retrieving it whenever needed without compromising on the content quality while capturing or the content access security during retrieval.

01 Systems’ solution is a state of art solution that is meant to support traditional content management needs but also transcends to support the modern age of digitalization needs. QR coding of documents, secure and protected digital records, need-basis access are all features that you don’t usually find in standard content management solutions!

01 Systems’ solution is currently used by some of largest institutions around the world since it ticks all of the boxes and yet help them achieve more.

For more information on our Content Management Solution, please visit DocSafe Product page below, or you can always contact our Sales team to learn more on how 01 Systems can help with your digital archiving initiatives.

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